Shira Galston, LMFT

Individual, Couple, & Family Therapy

About me

I believe in the strength within every individual to achieve clarity and change. I believe in the ability within every couple and family to achieve authentic bonds, effective communication, and joy. Nurturing these inner and relational strengths is essential in my work, so as to help my clients manage and overcome constraints in their lives.

My background in family systems ensures a holistic, integrative, and relational approach to problems. I take continual feedback very seriously, and collaborate fully with my clients in determining the goals and process of our work.

I am creative and energetic, and I love providing practical tools for my clients. My office - both in-person and online - is a safe and open space in which clients of all backgrounds, beliefs, and world views can comfortably express themselves. Most importantly, I bring my authentic self to my work, and believe strongly in the power of the bond I form with my clients.

I mainly work with young professionals and students, as well as young couples and families. I also work with individuals, siblings, and even coworkers and friends. I have led DBT-informed therapy groups as well. Some of the areas I have addressed include: anxiety, depression, premarital counseling, communication problems, conflict, career difficulties, and parenting. 

I also work with startup co founders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, through Amity Chicago. Entrepreneurship is admirable, but can also be incredibly difficult. The pressure and workload can be overwhelming, and often throw founders and coworkers into an anxious and imbalanced lifestyle. I help explore these relationships on a business and interpersonal level, to build trust, communication, and growth.

I hold a Master’s of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Family Institute at Northwestern University. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and creative writing from the University of Pennsylvania.

Therapy Services

All therapy services are currently being provided online, via Zoom. 

Individual Counseling

Couple & Family Counseling

Founder & Cofounder Counseling

Cost & Insurance

I am in-network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO, Aetna, and United Healthcare insurances. 

My out-of-pocket fee for individual and couple/family therapy is $175/session. 

Founder/Cofounder Counseling through Amity Chicago is not covered by insurance, and follows a separate fee structure.

Your co-pay and/or deductible will depend on your specific plan. To find out more about your specific plan’s coverage, try asking the following questions of your insurance company:

  1.  Do I have outpatient behavioral health coverage? 

  2.  What is my annual deductible amount and how much is remaining?

  3.  When does my deductible reset?

  4.  What is my co-pay and/or co-insurance amount(s)?

  5.  Is pre-authorization needed prior to beginning services?

  6.  Is there a per year session limit?

If you are a member of an out-of-network insurance, I would be happy to submit claims on your behalf for partial reimbursement at a later date. You would be responsible to pay the full out-of-pocket fee at the time of the session. 

To find out about reimbursement options from your insurance company, inform a representative that you want to check your mental health benefits, and ask the following questions:

  1.  Do I have out-of-network outpatient behavioral health coverage? 

  2.  What is my annual deductible amount and how much is remaining?

  3.  When does my deductible reset?

  4.  Is there a percentage of all out-of-network costs incurred that my plan will reimburse me? 

  5. Do I have a limit to the allowable amount per session that my plan will reimburse me for out-of-network services I receive? For instance, will my plan reimburse me up to a certain percentage for costs at or above a certain dollar amount? (Knowing this information will allow you to determine what to expect to be reimbursed by your plan). 

Founder & Cofounder Counseling

As a cofounder and counselor at Amity Chicago, I am experienced and prepared to work with the specific challenges and stressors that come with being a founder or cofounder of a business. 

My work through Amity Chicago has a different focus and feel from my general therapy practice. Founder/cofounder counseling is not covered by insurance, and follows a separate fee structure from my general therapy practice.

For more information and to reach out regarding founder or cofounder counseling, please see:

You can also reach out to our team directly via

Contact Shira

Hi! If you're interested in checking my availability for scheduling a session or finding out more about my practice, I'm available via email, voicemail, and this form. I'll do my best to respond as soon as possible, though I may not be able to until the following  business day. If you are having any kind of emergency, please call 911. 

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