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Counseling begins with an initial assessment and feedback process in which we will collaboratively assess your needs and goals as an individual or team. This is when we will discuss how many sessions we recommend for your particular goals. We will then engage in weekly or bi-weekly sessions. We will provide the structure, and the psychological and relational expertise to help you grow, improve, and solve problems. We will regularly check in with you to ensure that we are still meeting your needs and successfully helping you move toward your goals. We will know we have reached the end of our work when you feel satisfied with the outcomes, and ready to continue the process on your own. 


it's a process.






Individual sessions are 50-90 minutes long, and will occur based on your schedule and availability. These sessions are tailored to your needs and concerns, and provide a confidential space in which to deal with deeper issues and vulnerabilities affecting your company. We will meet either in your offices or in our Ravenswood location. Online sessions are also available upon request. The number of suggested sessions for your company will vary based on our initial assessment, and will ultimately be determined by you.


Workshops are generally 1.5-2 hours long. These presentations are educational and interactive, and give your organization or group the chance to learn and practice essential relational skills, as well as exchange feedback and support from other like-minded entrepreneurs. Workshops are tailored to the specific needs and requests of the client.


Some companies are in need of a more immediate, focused, and intensive process, due to a time-sensitive matter, or financial or geographic constraints. We provide longer-form sessions to meet this need, which can span across several hours with breaks in between.

we address these areas and more.

  • Defining and clarifying values, goals, roles, & insecurities

  • Conflict-resolution

  • Revealing and effectively communicating vulnerabilities & fears

  • Improving basic & advanced communication skills

  • Company self-care and wellness management

  • Practical mindfulness for businesses

  • Proper and effective validation


we have (lots of) experience.



Since 2016, we have worked with over 40 companies of varying sizes and stages. Most are early-stage startups, while others are later stage or non-venture-backed businesses. We work with individuals, co-founder teams, and groups of companies such as accelerators and investor portfolios. 

For the past three years we have been the Techstars Chicago in-house therapists, helping their teams define themselves and manage stress, conflict, and communication while fundraising. We also work with Listen VenturesWiSTEM, The Garage at Northwestern University, 1871, The Food Foundry, and other groups.

In addition to our work with businesses, our on-going general psychotherapy practice out of the Chicago Center for Relationship Counseling has provided years of experience working with individual, couple, family, and team dynamics.

In a nutshell, we are a unique and sought-after hybrid of coach, counselor, therapist, & consultant, all rolled into one. 

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