partnership questionnaire

unsure whether cofounder counseling applies to you?
try this.

Take the assessment below, individually. Consider each question as it relates to your current or future partnership. (Yes, No, or Unsure)


  1. My partner and I trust each other. Y N U

  2. My partner and I have a relationship with each other outside of business. Y N U

  3. This business is an equally high priority for both my partner and me. Y N U

  4. My partner and I have or are putting together a professional team of experts (lawyer, CPA, trusted advisors, etc.) that are knowledgeable, trustworthy and accessible. Y N U

  5. My partner and I agree on the vision, purpose and long term goals of the business. Y N U

  6. My partner and I talk regularly about everything that causes tension between the two of us and arrive at a win/win resolution that I feel good about. Y N U

  7. My partner and I have a plan to solve disagreements regarding the business in a win/win manner. Y N U

  8. My partner and I have discussed and are in agreement on various exit strategies depending on life or market events. Y N U

  9. My partner and I agree on the degree of risk to take financially. Y N U

  10. My partner and I like each other. Y N U

  11. My partner and I each have a clear job description/role, and are happy with it. Y N U

  12. I feel completely heard, understood, validated, and appreciated by my partner. Y N U


Total your Yes (Y) answers to determine your place on the scale below:


How might cofounder counseling apply to my company?

0-5: Things are on a shaky foundation right now. Counseling would be very helpful for you to

work on turning more answers into yes, and protecting your business.

6-9: You are halfway there. Work to get to the next level, smooth out the sticking points, and

prevent eventual discord.

10-12: You are well on the way to success. Keep building on what is working, maintain your

progress over time, and prepare in advance for unexpected setbacks and difficulties.


*Based on Dorene Lehavi, PhD’s “Business Partnership Success Meter”