Hi, there.

We're Shira and Myra.

We're the cofounders of Amity, and we're quite passionate about what we do. Here's a bit more about us:


As entrepreneurs and Amity therapists, we have first-hand experience with the ups and downs and specific challenges of the startup world. We've counseled multiple businesses, as well as startup accelerators and incubators such as 1871Techstars, WiSTEM, and The Food Foundry. We’ve seen the deep and lasting effects of relationship skills and self-care - or lack thereof - on the success or failure of businesses, and we are personally invested in improving the startup community in general, one company at a time.

As licensed Marriage and Family Therapists at the Chicago Center for Relationship Counseling, we have expertise and experience in individual and relational therapy, a specialty within clinical psychology. We have both undergone years of rigorous training and education in our field at a top university, spent over 3000+ hours with clients, and passed a challenging licensing exam to prove our mettle. We bring therapeutic expertise and evidence-based practices borne out of scientific research to you and your business in a way that is unique in the coaching world.

Given our wealth of varied experiences and training, we bring a bit of everything into our work. We are therapists, coaches, consultants...basically, we wear many hats.

And we feel good in all of them.

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myra castañeda, LMFT
amity co-founder & counselor

I believe that with the right person, counseling can be collaborative, deeply effective, and can help with immediate problems or long-standing struggles. 

Through my training at the Family Institute at Northwestern University, I have adapted a treatment style that is both goal-oriented and strength based - this allows for a collaborative treatment that empowers my clients to participate in their own growth and healing. I deeply value working with people of diverse backgrounds and identities.

You can contact me directly at castanedamyra@gmail.com

shira galston, LMFT
amity co-founder & counselor

To me, every individual and team has the ability within them to achieve clarity and change. Nurturing these inner and relational strengths is essential in my work, so as to help my clients manage and overcome constraints in their lives and businesses.

I'm a coach and counselor with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Family Institute at Northwestern University. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and english from the University of Pennsylvania.

I'm the mom of three rambunctious kids, & the spouse of one remarkable human.

You can contact me directly at shiragalston@gmail.com.

Check out my general individual & couple therapy practice website at: www.shiragalston.com