therapy & counseling vs. coaching:
what's the difference?

We get asked this a lot. Here's the basic run-down:


Founder therapy incorporates aspects of executive coaching but includes much more.


First, as clinical therapists we bring years of intensive training, education in evidence-based practice, and on-going experience in the field of individual & relational mental health. This background allows us to expertly attend to you as humans, not just as executives.  


Second, a coach usually focuses on your immediate situation and on quickly moving towards a goal without much deeper consideration of what led to the problem or what you need in order to maintain your growth. In therapy, we’ll of course focus on your current goals just as you would with a coach; but you’ll also have the opportunity to gain insight and understanding of yourself and your team in a way that will solidify your gains over time and that will help you on the human level.


In a nutshell, therapy is coaching. Plus much, much more.


Try it out. You’ll see what we mean.