Founder & Cofounder Counseling

(with a therapeutic twist)

about us

Amity improves and protects your business through a focus on the people behind it: you and your team

We work with founders, co-founders, business partners, and teams. As licensed therapists with years of startup counseling experience, we bring a unique set of skills to our work that traditional executive coaches cannot provide.

Goals are tailored to each company's needs and may include:

  • building more effective communication and conflict skills;

  • improving focus and performance;

  • reducing burnout and stress;

  • increasing self-awareness and confidence;

  • learning how to establish and maintain healthy self-care routines;

  • attending to current crises and obstacles within the team;

  • and more.

We offer free consultations to better determine your company's specific needs and the course of our work together. 


our services

All services will be provided via telehealth until further notice.

Initial Consultation

We will speak with you and your business partner(s) via phone or video for about 20 min.  to discuss your needs and determine how we can best assist you in our work together. This service is free of charge.


Founder Coaching & Counseling

Individual founder coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals, and provide a confidential space in which to deal with the issues and vulnerabilities affecting you & your company. Sessions are 50-min. Online sessions are available upon request.


Cofounder Counseling 

Think couples counseling, for cofounders. You and your partner(s) will address underlying concerns and learn new skills and practical tools to improve your relationship. Common areas include communication, conflict, roles, & respect. Sessions are 50-90 min. Online sessions are available upon request.


Founders' Groups

Founder life is stressful, and often lonely. That's why we're introducing low-cost groups for founders to meet and gain support, knowledge, and connection from one another. Stress & burn-out prevention, self-care, and general related skills will be explored and practiced throughout, as guided by Amity coaches. Groups meet weekly, and we ask for a 6-week commitment. 



Private small-group interactive workshops on various topics, determined by your needs.

Sample workshop topics:

  • Introduction to Founder & Cofounder Counseling

  • Choosing a Cofounder & Building a Foundation

  • Thriving Over Time: Communication, Conflict, Thinking Ahead

  • Radical Self Inquiry 

  • Collaborative Conflict Resolution 


Company Intensives

Some companies are in need of a more immediate, focused, and intensive process, due to a time-sensitive matter, or financial or geographic constraints. We provide longer-form sessions to meet this need, which can span across several hours including breaks.


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